Brotherhood Project

We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish,

but we have not learned the simple art of living together as brothers.

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Men Alone

Far too many men live without inviting other men into their lives and stories. The result is a generation of men who live with surface friendships and ultimately in isolation.

Men Together

But men who have a band of brothers journeying together through this life find themselves more able to be the men God intended them to be. Together they can be world changers.

The Ache for Brotherhood

There is something is at the very center of every man’s heart. We live in a culture that has so ultimately demolished the notion of male-male relationship – either hyper-sexualizing it or completely belittling it that we have lost any true sense of what it means to be close to another guy. The reality is, though, that at the core of our man-beings is a hunger and need for other men. We know it. We feel it.


But we have lost our way in navigating it.


And so we give in to lowest common denominator and settle for the relational table scraps of man-caves, touchdowns, Saturday morning church breakfasts and over-the-fence backyard conversations and completely miss what God intended when he made men to be part of a “brotherhood.”


The Brotherhood Project’s goal is to catalyze your masculine relationships to go far beyond what you have previously known. It is our hope that through this process you will come a few steps closer to knowing and experiencing brotherhood with other men. This is not an “accountability” group. It is not a “Bible study” or a “men’s group.”


This is a different animal.


In essence, you are asking a group of men to address the lack of depth in their current male-male friendships by seeking out more of God’s design for life together with brothers along the way. Consider it an experiment. This manual will guide you.


We believe all men should be rooted in a Brotherhood. It’s where we find our grounding and ballast for life. It’s hard work, but it will keep you the man you want to be.

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How to Get Started

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1. Read the Introduction - FREE

Read the Introduction to the Brotherhood Primer book. Pray about the men you’d like to invite to be part of a group. Share the Introduction with them too.

2. Get the Guide - FREE

If you are facilitating the group, download the FREE Brotherhood 101: A Guide to Cultivating an Intentional Brotherhood of Men.

3. Get the Brotherhood Primer

Each man in your group will need his own copy of the Brotherhood Primer.

4. Get Started!

Pick a start-date and get going! We’d love to hear about your group and support you along the way.


Who’s around your fire?

Men become men through other men. While fathers make boys into men, brothers keep men as men. Brotherhood is vital for men to live into all God intended them to be. When men are connected, they are better fathers and husbands and find that together they can have a greater impact on the world. Even Jesus had a Brotherhood. Why don’t you?


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