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Sex-trafficking is not a women’s issue. It’s a MEN’s issue. Men create the demand for sex trafficking, and yet we are called to protect the exploited. Together, we can END trafficking.

Men Create Demand

In every economy, there is supply and demand. In the world of trafficking, the supply is innocent women and children caught in a web of exploitation, driven by the demand men create. If we hope to end sex trafficking, we must cut off the head of the serpent and eradicate demand.

Men Must End It

Up till now, most anti-trafficking efforts have been led primarily by valiant women. It’s time for men to take a stand on behalf of our own gender, helping our brothers to step away from those activities that perpetuate trafficking, calling them from exploitation into protection.

Men Ending Trafficking

Through END, we challenge men to enter the battle against modern-day sex trafficking. We equip men in the American church to step up and fight on behalf of our own children. This is not a “women’s issue,” but an issue that is overwhelmingly perpetuated by men, and it must be men to END it once and for all. WE MUST TAKE A STAND. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


Restoration Project is a leader in the area of engaging men in the area of anti-trafficking. We help churches challenge and gather their men through events, training and resources. We participate in a variety of local and national movements, finding ways to get men to enter in.


As men drive the demand, it takes other men to address and call them out of being perpetrators into being protectors. Trafficking gets its roots in a male culture that perpetuates the demeaning and objectification of women with attitudes that say, “Don’t throw like a girl,” and “Don’t be a sissy.” These attitudes take root, and drive a boy to view women as “less than” men. END addresses these attitudes and calls men to restore male culture to be hopeful and engaging of women as God designed them.


Trafficking exists in every community in the United States. Wherever the internet exists with access to pornography or sex-industry websites, women and children are being exploited.


Gather a group of men. Get FREE copies of our booklet, and get moving. Men, it’s time to END this.

How to Get Started

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1. Download the END book - FREE

Grab your digital copy of END: Engaging Men to End Sex-Trafficking. Read it, and pray about what role God might have for you in the battle against trafficking in your community.

2. Gather a Group of Men

Be the catalyst. Gather together a small group of men, and cast a vision of what it could look like if YOU were the reason trafficking ended in your area.

3. Pray

END will walk you though a series of prayers and prayer walks around your community. Learn about the signs of trafficking, and ask God for guidance in how to be a catalyst not only of your group, but of your community.

4. Learn about the 4 P's

Find out what God is already doing in your area, and seek to partner with other anti-trafficking efforts. As men in your community, support that which is already happening. Don’t take over, but humbly come alongside.


What will your legacy be?

“A real man can’t stand seeing a woman hurt. He’s careful with his decisions and actions, so he never has to be responsible for her pain.” ~Unknown



Every man has the opportunity to be a perpetrator or a protector. Which one will you choose?


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