Man Maker Project

Boys are Born. Men are Made.

Father is a verb, and fathering is the highest calling of God on men. Man Maker Project is a guide for fathers to intentionally usher their sons into godly manhood.

Now more than ever, the reality of unfinished men confronts us at every turn. Without intentional fathering, a boy’s core question Am I a man? forever echoes in his soul. Every boy needs to hear his father’s clear yes in response. While many fathers know they should do something for their maturing sons, they have little idea how to create such an initiatory process.

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Man Maker Project offers a practical roadmap that equips fathers to create a unique, modern-day masculine initiation experience for their sons. Rather than a single event or ceremony, fathers can guide their boys through a yearlong process, with the support of a cadre of hand-selected men. This book also challenges fathers to investigate their own stories, as God’s mutually redemptive design is for us to be fathered ourselves as we father our sons.

Through this modern-day rites of passage process, fathers fulfill their calling, sons find their footing, and society receives solid men ready to strongly and kindly restore the world.

From the Foreword by Dr. Dan Allender

“This is a generation-changing book. I can’t find stronger superlatives. Chris is a friend, a colleague, and a man that I deeply respect…You can take his wisdom, metabolize it for yourself, and wisely follow the plan he has set for you and your son. Remember that you are taking your son on the hunt of his life.”