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National Fatherhood
Engagement Project

We are on a journey to take Restoration Project to the next level.

Will you join us?

The time is now!
A message from Chris Bruno

Last year, Restoration Project impacted 2,280 fathers! That means 2,280 men across the country have taken significant steps toward intentionally fathering their children and communities. Astounding! In the last three years, our expeditions have grown 1300%, and the demand for our materials and experiences continues to rise. Men are hungry for what we have to offer, and we can barely keep up.

God is calling us to expand our reach. And we can not do it without you!

This fall, we are launching the National Fatherhood Engagement Project in order to make our experiences and resources more available to fathers everywhere! God is calling us to spark a nationwide movement of intentional, generation-changing fathers. So many have already been impacted and changed by our work. Will you help us take it to the next level?


Phase 1 Kickstarter $ Needed


Phase 1 Kickstarter $ Raised - 100%!!!


# Fathers Engaged in 2016


Phase 1 Monthly $ Need


Phase 1 Monthly $ Raised - 31%


Goal # Fathers Engaged by 2018


Phase 1 # Monthly Donors Needed


Phase 1 # Monthly Donors Added


Cost Per Impacted Family

We want to awaken and equip an intentional father in every home across the country.

Our goal is to engage 40,650 fathers by the end of 2018!

The National Fatherhood Engagement Project

Click on the blocks below to learn more details about each phase.

God is asking us to expand our reach to engage fathers across the country – to spark a movement of intentional fathering that changes family trees for generations to come. As an organization, we are committed to staying small, simple, and grassroots, and therefore we are creatively seeking ways to maximize our impact. Partner with us now to change lives forever.

Phase 1 - Develop Fatherhood Opportunities

Phase 1 – Develop Fatherhood Opportunities

To start, we will develop first-time opportunities for the maximum number of men and women to engage Restoration Project’s many experiences and resources. Additionally, we will outline and develop 2 scalable father-child experiences and 3 scalable father-focused digital products in 2017 that will increase the reach and impact of Restoration Project exponentially.

Here’s what we are going to do:

1. Base Camp Boys – create a replicable model of our Base Camp Boys Expedition for organizations, churches and groups of fathers to host locally. This experience provides fathers an in-road to making men out of their boys.

2. Base Camp Girls – in the same way, create and implement a replicable model of our Base Camp Girls experience, inspiring fathers to platform daughters to discover their voice and become the woman she was designed to be.

3. Man Maker Field Guide Online Course – a companion guide for Chris Bruno’s book Man Maker Project: Boys are Born. Men are Made. This guide is for fathers seeking to execute a rite of passage process for their sons.

4. Before He Drives Away – a guide for fathers/sons in preparation for launch. As young men leave home, they need the direct involvement and wisdom of their fathers to achieve success. A practical guide to character development and adulthood.

5. Restoration Explorers Program – taking our in-print father-child engagement material to the online platform, encouraging fathers toward monthly intentional experiences with their children, and participating in a larger online community of like-minded fathers.

Phase 2 - Launch New Programs and Engage Fathers

Phase 2 – Launch New Programs and Engage Fathers

Good products are only as good as the number of people that use them. We need funding for an in-depth marketing calendar, that will include email campaign build-out, technology optimization, and initial kick-start ad spend. Once the scalable experiences and resources are created, we need to let the world know!

We measure our success by the number and quality of engagements with our work. This includes every touchpoint a person has with our material, at one of our events, through our website and blog, or through one of our experiences. We know from history that those who engage with Restoration Project come away impacted and changed. Our aim is to increase the number of engagements in 2017 and 2018 to 40,650 engagements!

We already have several organizations seeking to replicate our Base Camp experiences. We are committed to remaining a grassroots movement, and therefore anxious to provide resources to these groups as soon as possible. Once the scalable products (i.e. Base Camps, etc) are ready for launch, we will develop a coaching and implementation process to assist those who purchase.

Here’s what we are going to do:

1. Train Restoration Guides – for those individuals and churches who want to host a Restoration Project experience, we will implement a training program for them to learn about our core DNA: experience, story and blessing.

2. Launch and market re|design – make readily available our online course called re|design. This walks participants through our unique categories of how to engage the hearts of men differently, and take men’s groups to a deeper level.

3. Calendar and market the Man Maker Project courses and materials – begin to engage fathers across the country in the Man Maker Field Guide online course and create an online community of participants, even if they do not live in Colorado.

4. Facilitate multiple localized experiences – after training and delivering the experience playbooks, we will facilitate and coach multiple localized experiences and camps, including Base Camp Boys, Base Camp Girls, and additional Man Maker experiences.

5. Increase our online presence – continue increasing our online presence via weekly emails, blogs and webinars. This will maximize our reach and increase the number of fathers engaged in Restoration Project.

Full PDF Description of the Entire Project

Click below to view the full Executive Summary of the Project

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God is calling us to expand our reach. And we can not do it without you!

Thanks for Making a Difference

Only with partners like you can we engage fathers across the globe, and participate in God’s work of restoring the lives of men, families, communities and the kingdom. Join us!