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Boys are born. Men are Made.

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Fatherhood Project

Intentional fathering changes the world. Discover how you can be an intentional father.


Brotherhood Project

Men become men through other men. Discover the art of intentional masculine friendship.


The world changes when men step up, show up, and engage. Get weekly encouragement in your inbox to help you win this week.

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What is Restoration Project?

When it comes to living the man-life God intended, far too many of us find ourselves unprepared, disconnected or just plain tired. We know there is something more, but just can’t seem to put our finger on what that more might be or where to find it. Restoration Project is a movement of men determined to live this life to the fullness God designed…

There is something in the hearts of men that aches to be fully alive, to be free and to bring his strength to bear. Most of us long to be deeply connected with other men, to be impactful fathers, and to fight for goodness in the world. We know we have stories to share, but far too often find ourselves living isolated and alone.


And so, we are stuck in between our deep and true desire to engage and the reality of our man-heart’s autopilot default to resign, give in and fall into passivity. Far too often good men are taken out simply because they don’t quite know how to engage. We are called to challenge men to break through the barrier of passivity and into the full man-life God designed – because we believe men who engage change the world.


Restoration Project is not a program or a process, and we are most certainly not into tips and techniques. Restoration Project is a movement of men who have the guts to ENGAGE, to take the deep dive into their own lives and stories with the conviction that what they will find there is a man designed by God to bring life, hope and restoration to the world.


We envision a world where men are men as God intended – where fatherlessness ceases to exist and the hearts of men are fully restored to God, family and community. We imagine a world where the inner wounds of men are healed, where men know God deeply and wildly, and where men move from an inner core of strength to restore God’s Kingdom to the world.


We are experience and resource architects, seeking ways to help men heal their wounds, know God and restore the world.


Everything we do involves three core conditions: experience, story, and blessing. We believe that men need to be engaged in fun, challenging and intense experiences together. This opens the door for their stories to be engaged, known and seen. And once a man’s heart is engaged and blessed, things change — for him, for his family, for his community, and for his world. Therefore, all of our resources and experiences involved these three elements. Some call this our “special sauce.” It’s what makes Restoration Project unique.


Books, digital workshops, online communities, prayers, group guides and more...


Excursions, retreats, Restoration Expeditions, speaking engagements and gatherings...


From journals to shirts to water bottles and more. Get outfitted and join the movement...

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